A motorcycle is really comprised of 3 major components

1) the engine

2) the suspension/brakes

3) the appearance

DDL has been working steadily for 19 years on offering upgrades to the engine and suspension that do not require large expenditures and do not require any engine teardown.

We offer

the coils kit (2 hours bolt-on)

the FCR kit (3-4 hour bolt-on)

a Remus tuned exhaust system (3-4 hour bolt-on)

a programmable digital electronic ignition (.5 hour bolt-on)

Each adds power and tractability to the bike (and does make it a faster, easier to ride fast bike). This route of bolt-on upgrades is pretty much exhausted.

But there is even more performance to be gleaned through suspension upgrades.

We have also investigated any and all possible suspension upgrades. We worked through all the major aftermarket suppliers; Ohlins, Penske, Bitubo and we now offer a full range of state of the art shocks for the E900 and Elefant via custom built BMS shocks from Belgium. There is a wider array of rear suspension upgrades for the Elefant than virtually any other bike.

The front end of the bike has been a harder nut to crack. Although other bikes had very similar Showa 45 mm forks with longer travel and external compression and rebound adjusters, they all either were too long to match the geometry of the bike or created brake and hub issues. Some riders have successfully grafted other forks onto the E900/Elefant but none of those projects was easy or quick (or in the long run - cheap).

We're happy to now offer the Traxxion AK-20 cartridge kits for the E900/Elefants which are fitted with the 45 mm USD Showa forks. Adding this kit to your bike delivers nearly 8 inches of state of the art damping, custom valved and sprung for your riding weight, your bikes overall weight and your preferred riding style. This upgrade is very close to the equivalent of buying a set of Ohlin replacement forks as are offered for a small subset of the bikes (mostly Ducati SuperBikes and other high performance sport bikes).